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About Us
"For good ideas and true innovation, You need Human interaction, Conflict, Argument and Debate."
Inspired from the above idea of Margaret  Heffernan, The very idea of having a Society, a club, Where students from the diverse background can gather and have a full realisation of their depth in perspective, led to Rhetorica.
It is well said that when students participate in the debate, they learn to study issues in-depth and develop their perspective.
 Let's turn some pages to know How Rhetorica finally became what it is now and whose precious time proved the very founding pillars.
 The club formally came into existence on 6th of February, 2018 because of the invaluable efforts by Srijan Srivastava, Rishabh Pandey, Prakhar Kumar, Abhay Kumar, Harsh Vimal, Niharika Bhagvatula, Supriya rai, Shiva Bajpai and few others, with a vision to encourage rational and worthy debates.
They had a perspective towards promoting Public speaking and providing an opportunity for others to try and to speak in front of people as much as one can. 
The basic motto is 
Research, Rationalise and Represent and under the umbrella of this enshrined motto, We truly associate with every member to develop their debating and public speaking culture.
It wasn't a success from the very first day, very few people showed interest and attended debates and discussions.
But having faith in Hager Love's Words," All speaking is public speaking whether it is to one person or a thousand", We never lose hope and keep trying to involve more and more people in this club and to benefit as much individual as possible.
 Days and months passed, and we kept trying and had started getting responses from the people.
A huge number of people enrolled their name for the club membership and is now a part of Rhetorica family.
We have organised a number of successful events in the past few days like Upsc Talks, Debates on a number of topics, the most important being "Atal Bihari Vajpayee Memorial Debate".
Students, in large number, including the ones from affiliated colleges of bhu, participated and showed an unmatched enthusiasm.
But, still it's just the beginning and a lot is yet to come, a lot is yet to achieve.
 We try out best to interact with and involve and to benefit each and every member of our club because We know that it is the team effort which is going to make a change.
Our aim is to remove the very fear of Public speaking from our members, to fill them with a spirit of research, rationalise and represent.
 "Ignorance is not bliss"
And to remove this blanket of ignorance, we ask each and every flower of the garden of our club to research and research.
It is well said that "Time spent in arguing something logical, is oddly enough, never wasted."
 Our club is open to anyone and everyone who wants to contribute, To learn and wants an opportunity to display their talents or to remove the fear of Public  Speaking.
 Let's conclude here with The principle we seek and we follow in our club,
"In all debates, let the truth be thy aim, not victory or an unjust interest." 
Club Secretary: Mr Rudrakant

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