MMV provides decent set of accomodation to the girl students. MMV has a total of four hostels, namely Jyoti Kunj Girls Hostel for P.G. Students, Swasti Kunj Girls Hostel for U.G. Students, Kirti Kunj for U.G. Students, Kundan Devi Malaviya for U.G. Students and two dormitories, namely Naveen Girls Hostel for U.G. Students and Pougi House for U.G. Students.

Every hostel has a 24/7 electricity and water supply. The rooms are provided with a bed, a set of table and chair,fan and a cupboard for individual storage. Each hostel has a common hall for leisure purposes and a lawn outside the hostels which adds to pleasing environment of the accommodations. Also each hostel have their own mess. For winter’s warm water is available. There are small shops  just outside the hostel for general requirements of students.

The students who do not get hostels can easily find PGs outside the campus in areas like Lanka and Assi.