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Life and Its Unexpectedness

Updated: Mar 11

Having grown up watching Karan Johar movies, I too harboured within me a desire to experience college life with all its fun and glamour. Now, of course, reality is far removed from KJo’s romanticization. However, I did expect that in my ‘realistic movie’ I’ll meet new people, go to different places, have random funny, and sometimes scary, incidents occur—all in all, a typical college life.

Unfortunately, COVID played the antagonist and shattered any hopes of reaching such outcomes.

What we rather got was increased loads of screen time which was already touching the sky. From being introduced to our professors and potential friends virtually (some of whom only known by their voices), to having no pressure of performing well in exams, we all got accustomed to these ways and was anticipating no reopening of institutions.

Almost 1.5 years that we spent in isolation from the “real” world not only took away socialisation and study headaches away from us (making our futures appear a bit dull) but also added a benefit—it gave us the time to explore ourselves.

This was a period when people started taking up ventures they normally wouldn’t have and we got to see hidden talents residing within them rising up to the surface.

With all that it took and gave us, the 1.5 years came to an end and we finally met the people we stalked on social media to know them better, devoid of a better alternative.

Life, since then, has been exciting. Numerous (almost devastating!) LTC trips regarding documents, multiple pocket-friendly VT cold-coffees, and various class shenanigans later, we have finally managed to spend two years of our undergrad at BHU.

Cheers to another year of novel occurrences!


Name- Vartika Baranwal

Faculty- Institute of Science

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