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MMV- Faculties And Internships.

Hey there, fellow reader!

Mahila Maha Vidhyalaya offers a plethora of Faculties ranging from:

Arts (Ancient Indian History Culture & Archaeology, Bengali, Education, English, Geography, Hindi, History of Arts, Physical Education, Sanskrit, Urdu, and Philosophy).

Science (Botany, Bioinformatics, Chemistry, Computer Science, Geography, Home Science, Mathematics, Physics, Psychology, Statistics, Zoology, Bioinformatics).

Performing Arts (Music-Instrumental and Vocal, Dance, Accompanist).

Social Science (Economics, History, Political Science. Psychology, Sociology).

Visual Arts (Painting) and Education. I remember we were so naive when we first came here; unable to differentiate our own Faculty and Department haha. Here I'll talk only about Science Faculty.

We all have to study a combination of three subjects along with an Ancillary subject in even semesters. The ancillary subject can be anything you are interested in apart from the main three subjects. They are usually allotted according to the UET index and our preferred choices. There is also an elective subject in the last year.

MMV has many highly qualified professors for different departments. I had the privilege to meet Professor Bhaskar Bhattacharya( Dept of Physics), Prof. Neelam Srivastava( Dept. of Physics), Dr. Meenakshi Singh(Dept. of Chemistry), and Dr. Sandeep Pokharia (Dept. of Chemistry), to name a few and their career is nothing short of admiration. Many professors have their research going on so during Summer or Winter break we can ask them for internships and learn more about their field and research work. Many students also take part in internships outside the campus. A lot of people including myself often wonder how can we get such internships. And the answer I found was not to live under the rock. Be informed of what is going on around you. Use the internet and search stuff. When I was in my first year a huge question that used to go on in my mind (and still is whether to go for MBA, or M.Sc. or keep preparing for NEET. There isn't a simple answer to this, to be honest as I still struggle to choose what's best for the future. However, I think it's best to choose what benefits us more in the long run. For example, my friend could be doing a paid internship as an HR in any company but I shouldn't get bothered by it( which I used to get a lot) as my field is different than hers. What benefits one's resume doesn't necessarily have to benefit someone else's too.

Another way to know more about the field is to attend the webinars and workshops that occasionally get organized. There are a lot of Diploma courses too that we can get enrolled into. I remember I applied for Spanish( but didn't continue for some reason)in my first year. Apart from languages, we can take part in Yoga courses too. We can apply for NCC during the first year only. I was part of Air NCC but decided to leave it midway due to some personal reasons but I highly recommend joining it for overall personality development. For NSS as far as I know we can apply in the second year as well.

The best way to know more about the campus and the facilities it offers is to explore the campus. I don't think the three years are enough to fully explore BHU. Haha.

Until then.

Hasta la Vista!

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