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MMV- The Hostel System.

Ah! Hello, there fellow reader!


Mahila Maha Vidhyalaya is the Main campus for the B.Sc.(undergraduate)., M.Sc. students(postgraduate), and Ph.D. scholars(doctoral courses). The only catch is: that it is for women, unlike its counterpart FMC, which is co-ed. We MMvians spend our entire first semester wondering whether we are actually the main campus or not and whether we are getting all the facilities of FMC or not.

By the fourth semester, I think we all came to the conclusion that all of us were doomed regardless of campus when it came to exams.

Our batch-famously referred to as the Corona wala batch(2020-21) came to offline classes for the first time around February '22 and kid you not, that was such a beautiful catastrophe to watch. One day we were watching Stranger Things on Netflix and the next thing we knew- actually going to college had somehow become the strangest thing in our lives after two years of lockdown. There happened a lot of ruckus regarding hostel allotments. I remember our batch was allotted marks based on the UET index alone not considering distance so many students had to get hostels outside of MMV.

If you are ever looking for outside girls hostels the rent usually goes around 6k for 3 seater room, 5k for two, and so on (as of May 22). The mess food of MMV hostel is however better than what you will find in any outside mess. The security of the campus is also a major bonus point. Students can be outside the hostel till 10 pm. However, it is flexible and can go beyond that, provided it is a one-time thing and backed up with a genuine reason.

Different year students are given different hostels- First-year students usually Pragya Kunj, Second and Third year usually Jyoti Kunj however it keeps changing. There is a common hall for student activities in each hostel and different fests do get organized(Hostel Nites, DJ Nights, Bollywood Nights, etc.) if students approach the concerned Warden. (Dr. Neelam Atri is an amazing Hostel Coordinator of MMV and do approach her if you ever need to organize any fest).

The students are allotted hostels based on the UET index and a list is prepared. If student A doesn't want the hostel, the seat is passed on to student B. Usually, till the final year all students get the hostel in case they didn't get it. Nobody can tell you when your waiting will be cleared. The students can bring electronics as long as you don't cause a big mess...haha. If students were to leave they have to submit the leave application prior. However, it is flexible in case it is urgent. In case you won't be eating at the mess you can ask the mess people to close it for up to a maximum of 5 days in a month. They are usually very nice and cook food in case you want to eat something else. The charge is about 125 rupees per day and an additional 200 rupees GST(as of May 22). The campus is very scenic and as beautiful as you would expect from BHU. On Sundays, the mess is off from the afternoon so students have to go out to eat each Sunday evening. The local shops provide a discount to BHU students so don't forget to ask!

Every hostel has a warden(who is usually our teaching faculty). I will talk about our teaching faculty in my next blog. Do check it out. Haha.

Also, bring a light bulb with you when you are allotted the hostel as they don't provide it!

Hasta la vista!

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