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Women Empowerment

Since the first woman's rights convention on 19thJuly,1848. Women all around the globe have come a long way. Now they hold the power to decide for themselves and lead a life with respect and integrity, which they always deserve. But some women are still away from a liberal society. Many parts of the world still keep their woman away from the modern and more accepting world .People in the past have fought a war against the social evils and poor mentality of the society for basic human rights. The struggle is still going on for some woman, The need for a empowering women is still a necessity. Women empowerment is important for the upliftment of women from the clutches of society. The term women empowerment in short words can be described as making an effort towards raising the status of women in a society, accepting their views in economic and political discussions, creating awareness, educating women and giving them an opportunity to redefine gender roles. Following this definition and striving for a more neutral society will not only benefit women ,but it helps a society as a whole. As it has been seen in recent decades our ladies can do things that men cannot.

"There is no limit to what we, as women, can accomplish" -Michelle Obama

Our society has faced and is still facing many problems regarding women empowerment. Hate crimes and Harassment cases against women are still on the news and charts of many such crimes don’t seem to go down. Almost every nation despite the level of literacy and development has a past or present of mistreating women. Meanwhile the west has made quite progress in terms of equal representation of women, education and re-defining gender roles. The nation's east still has a long way to go. Women empowerment in India has become really important. Crimes against women are increasing and there has been a rising graph for the past one decade. NCRB(national crime records bureau) has come out with staggering reports. There has been a 26.35% increase in crime against women, with an average number of cases being around 400,000. Most the these cases were of domestic violence, assaults and rapes. Another major problem that is quite prevalent in our country is dowry and even the educated folks cannot deny themselves from this social evil. Despite the pressure from society Indian women have come a long way, they are walking shoulder to shoulder with men. We have seen brilliant women such as Sarojini Naidu, Aruna Asaf Ali, Savitribai phule, Mahadevi Verma and many more amazing women, who not only fought for the women rights but for the freedom of our nation. We as a country and a part of the global world still need to strive for woman empowerment. We need to promote higher education, encourage them to pursue jobs and spread awareness,especially in the rural areas.Women across the globe should be confident about themselves because there is nothing they cannot accomplish.Women have succeeded in a world full of male dominance,excelled beyond beliefs and getting an opportunity they can definitely achieve greater heights.

" We need women at all levels including the top, to change the dynamic ,re-shape the conversation, to make sure women’s voices are heard and heeded, not overlooked and ignored" - Sheryl Sandberg

-Pratik Kumar Arya

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