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INSPIRO “Making Future Leaders” is a club initiated on the grounds of spirituality blended in modernity, we believe that the way of leading life lies deep in the spiritual and transcendental knowledge. INSPIRO provides the platform to bring out the best within yourself. Through multiple cultural events, talk shows and through collaboration with India’s top spiritual organizations we try to deliver best of the best.
Day by Day the popularity of INSPIRO is on a rise because youth today not only want to excel academically but also spiritually. Currently we are functional in Banaras Hindu University and KNIT, Sultanpur, and we hope to expand to other colleges as well. Even during lockdown INSPIRO with multiple online events kept inspiring the youths.
INSPIRO has a refined culture and ethos enabling us to see the larger picture of the world, The members of INSPIRO not only excel academically but rather they turn out to be better individuals and better citizens. We believe in message of “Vasudhev Kutumbkam”: that whole world is our family. INSPIRO will enable you to connect to the divine by bringing in the consciousness of scriptures and Vedas. We not only bring spirituality to the table but rather for excelling in this fast-paced world we conduct various academic programs and try to help each member academically as well. Through our collaborations with state of art youth canters we try to instill new energy and hope in every individual there by helping them to come out in flying colours and live a life well deserved.

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