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Students E Resources Kit

Students E Resources Kit

To help you become the best version of yourself.

Note: This compilation of essential resources will help you ahead. If not relevant today, SAVE IT FOR THE FUTURE. Recommendations from various senior batches have prepared this list. To add more resources, you can email us at


  1. GitHub Student Developer Pack


Description:  A resource curated for students, the student developer can be accessed using your institute id and lets you access paid courses, such as data camp, and tools, such as canvas,  for free. Check this page at least once to know what is at your disposal!

  1. Canva Pro


Description: It will help you get to the next level in designing posters, app screens, etc, with its easy-to-navigate UI,  ready-to-use templates, and in-built design features.

  1. Typeform Pro


Description: Using this, you’ll be able to make interactive survey forms and analyze them when building products to draw insightful results and conclusions.

  1. Coursera (1 Course Free)


Description: Begin your upskilling journey here

  1. PressReader, Plagiarism detector, etc

Link: (Scroll to User’s corner on this link)

Description: PressReader is the best place to read thousands of newspapers and magazines from around the globe. Plagiarism detectors can be helpful for your Exploratory and BTech Project reports.

  1. Grammarly Premium


Description: Improve grammar, sentence structure and vocabulary on the go while writing content for emails, reports, posts, etc

  1. Notion Personal Pro


Description: It will help you increase productivity, store all your files neatly and has multiple use cases. It’s hard to get off the notion once you’re on it.

  1. G-Suite


Description: Google Workspace is a collection of productivity and collaboration tools, software and products such as google docs, google sheets, google calender, etc., developed and marketed by Google. Our Institute ID lets us access these for free, along with high cloud storage capacity.

  1. Miro


Description: Used for creating flowcharts, whiteboards, etc. Handy for brainstorming


  1. Libgen, Z-library, Juggernaut app


Description: Find the pdf/epub/Mobi format of any book over here

  1. Quillbot


Description: Useful for rephrasing your sentences, 600 characters at a time

  1. Loom


Description: Helps you record screen, video or both and helps make video resumes. It facilitates easy sharing of videos.

  1. Figma


Description: It is the most widely used collaborative design tool, used for posters, UI designing, and prototyping and has a bunch of easy-to-use design plugins

  1. Substack, Medium


Description: Used for writing newsletters and your blog posts

  1. Streamyard


Description: Used for streaming on different platforms

Recommendations from senior batches have prepared this compilation. Thanks to the ©ShareIt team.

To add something, email us at

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